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5 Fruitful Nail Art Designs For Summer


Summer is coming and with it comes change! A change of wardrobe, change of sceneries and for nail art addicts – a change of nail art designs to complement the season. Whether or not you’re aiming for a two-week stay at a tropical island or simply planning a lemonade party with your best friends in the backyard, these fruit-inspired nail designs will definitely help you get into the summer spirit.


1. Fruit salad

Tropical fruits mixed together is basically heaven! It’s a perfect choice for a cocktail or punch and even better when you eat them. Now, paint those fruits on your nails and you’ll be begging for another glass of four seasons ar a fruit salad in no time!

2. Kiwi is love <3

Now, let’s bring the focus solely on individual fruits – starting with Kiwi. Kiwi is a powerful anti-oxidant and can be a great weight-loss fruit. Plus, it’s bright green color makes a rather attractive and cheerful nail art design.

3. Watermelon = Hydration

Watermelon is sweet and watery (thus, it’s name). It’s a staple summer fruit due to its refreshing effect. Watermelon shake? Watermelon Juice? Frozen watermelon? These are a great way to cool down after a whole day of hanging out in the beach AND it looks so cute on your nails.


4. Going Bananas

Bananas are great mood-boosters and in the heat of the sun, we could all use a little fruit to keep us happy. For people who work out, bananas are recommended for speedier muscle recovery. With its bright yellow color, painting it on your nails and taking one look at it would instantly improve your mood, too!


5. Cocktail Party, Anyone?

But if you don’t have any of these tropical fruits at hand, you can always go for flavored cocktail drinks to brighten up summer! Nothing like a great drink to end one steamy, summer day, right?


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