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5 Tips To Make Your Manicure Last Longer


We don’t know why but getting a manicure somewhat gives us a feeling of satisfaction, especially if you’re sporting whatever nail art design is considered “trendy” as of the moment. But of course, manicures aren’t permanent but as much as possible, women want to stretch out the time it takes before those nail colors to chip and break away. Here are some techniques you can apply to make your mani-pedi last longer.

  1. Wipe down nails using white vinegar

Before even applying a base coat for your nails, wipe it down using a cotton ball or Q-tip dipped in white vinegar. White vinegar washes away any natural dirt, oil and even chemicals that might prevent nail polish from truly clinging on to your cuticles. White vinegar is much gentler compared to a nail polish remover or other cuticle cleansers.

  1. Use cuticle oil instead of soaking your nails

Soaking your nails in water softens cuticles but it could also shrink your nail polish once the water has dried up. This would make your nail polish look inaccurate and poorly done. Instead of soaking your nails into water, use cuticle oil to soften it instead.

  1. The stickier the basecoat, the better


A stickier basecoat is better than smoother ones. Basically, as sticky basecoat allows nail polish to... well, stick better. When applying basecoat, make sure you’re covering the corners as well, since these are the spots that are harder to reach by a brush.

       4. Apply top coat every 3 days

Nail polish is better protected and preserved if you “touch-up” every now and then. Apply a top coat, especially if you feel like you’ve done so much work that involves rubbing against your nails. Plus, applying top coat every 3 days or so keeps the color popping.

       5. Don’t blow on your nails to dry nail polish


It’s an age-old no-no – drying your nail polish by blowing air on it. The warm air from your mouth does the complete opposite – it keeps nail polish from completely drying. Instead, use a blow dryer on its coolest setting or use the airconditioner in your room.

Follow these easy tips and you’ll always have pretty nails that you deserve!