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3 Secrets Women With Flawless Skin Won’t Tell You

We, mere mortals, will always find something to complain about regarding our skin. It may be the fact that you have oily skin, perhaps you’re prone to acne or else, suffer from flaky and dry skin. Whatever the problem is, there’s always a solution readily available and women with glowing, flawless skin have mastered the art of quick fixing their skin’s little quirks. Here are some secrets that women with flawless skin probably won’t tell you:

1. Skin Exfoliants Are Their Best Friend

Women who are well-versed with different types of skin care know that exfoliating applies to all – whether you have dry skin, oily skin or a combination of both. Sloughing off dead skin cells, excess oils and dirt is important because it keeps acne from developing. It’s also your go-to method if you want to brighten your skin in an instant. Exfoliants made from natural ingredients are the best option. Note, however, that exfoliation should only be done every few days or so because it might irritate skin.

2. They Clean Their Phones Everyday

I know, what’s a phone got to do with skincare, right? Not many people are aware that your phone is often an overlooked breeding ground for dirt and germs that cause acne and other skin problems. We place our phones everywhere – on bathroom sinks, restaurant tables, bar counters, etc. By simply touching an unclean phone, you increase the risk of transferring the break out perpetrators to your face.

3. Keep A Go-To Acne Treatment Close By

In cases of emergency, it’s always handy to have a drying sulfur solution or benzoyl peroxide nearby. This is something women with great skin have in their purse or bathroom cabinet. The secret is to apply the product on the problem area before it could get worse.

Master these secrets and you’d have flawless skin in no time!