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Why Vitamin C is So Important for the Skin?


External factors such as pollution, stress, infections and sun exposure can damage the skin. The main effect is the breakdown of collagen that causes the skin to lose its elasticity. The layers underneath our skin start to sag so looking for ways on how to improve the quality of the skin from the inside is crucial.


The Vitamin C Factor


Vitamin C is one of the most important remedies for making the skin healthy. It quickly clears out free radicals and is an ingredient which produces and uses collagen protein that your body needs. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C acts as a barrier against free radicals, the unstable molecules that break down skin tissue where it neutralizes attack from environmental factors that threaten skin damage.


The amount of vitamin C that we need to keep up with collagen production and repair increases as we age. That amount can be surprising. The body goes through a lot of stages in producing different enzymes and we make a lot when we are young. There is an increase in the need for cell repair when we make less reconstructive enzymes as time goes by. Serums rich in Vitamin C have proven to be very effective in preventing and repairing wrinkles, and even reversing sun damage. It firms the skin by promoting cell turnover as well as vital elastin and collagen production. Also, it reverses cellular damage while restoring blood vessels.


Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are a great source of Vitamin C. It does great wonders to the body and skin. Researchers have found out an effective way of giving the skin its enough dose of vitamin C by promoting it as a cosmetic product. A lot of skincare products are everywhere. People nowadays are conscious of how to look good that’s why looking for anti-aging products is a trend. The only advice I can give you is to look for age-reversing products proven by science to avoid skin damage.

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