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Get Stylish with Polish to Gel


Gel nail polish has taken the world by storm and women everywhere are going crazy for bright colours, beautiful nail art and creating a long-lasting shine. 


Gel nail polish provides you with a gorgeous salon-like manicure and pedicure in just minutes. The polish lasts for up to two weeks and the finish is always a high gloss shine. Your color stays vibrant with no fading from the moment you wear it until the day you remove it. It really saves so much time, effort and money,  it lasts a couple of weeks or more before you need to redo the color.


A lot of busy women can't afford regular visits to a salon for manicure due to time issues. Others would prefer to do their nails on their own home using regular nail polish rather than spending time going to salons for hours. But the problem in using regular nail polish is they take a while to dry and more often than not you smudge your nails, they also don't give you a beautiful finish like gel nail polish.


Wouldn't it be nice if we can use gel nail polish in the comfort of our time and home?


Polish to Gel not only allows you to do your nails in the comfort of your own home it will literally transform any regular nail polish into a gel polish in a simple step process.


The Polish to Gel turns your regular polish into a hard color Lacquer Having your gel nail polish will never be as easy as this with the help of Polish to Gel. 


Use all your old colors that are hidden away in your bathroom cupboard. Simply  mix your old color and the Polish to Gel and that's it, you now have your own gel nail polish with the touch of your favorite nail color. Polish to Gel definitely makes your mani and Pedi more personalized and more convenient.


With Polish to Gel, you can surely have gorgeous and stylish salon-like nails beautifully made by YOU!

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