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Gel Polish: The New Trend

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Whether women are off to a party, wedding or just want a bit of everyday glamor they all love coloured nails . Not only does it complement their dress but it also completes their aura for the day.


It is said that the only constant in this world is change and we all love a change in color when it comes to a polish. A lot of new releases in nail polishes have been introduced in the market and now the recent trend is the gel polish. 


Women of all classes loved the gel polish. It does not only give them gorgeous result in just minutes, it also saves them so much money and effort. The gel nail polish lasts up to two weeks,  It is long lasting and keeps your nails vibrant and shiny as if you've just had your nails done minutes ago. 


What if you have lots of colors at home but you want the gel look ?  Polish to Gel is the answer! Polish to Gel is a solution that turns an ordinary nail polish to gel polish.  Now, you don't need to wait for your favorite nail color to be released as a gel polish because with Polish to Gel you can make your own gel nail polish with your favorite color. 


Polish to Gel will surely keep you in the trend while saving you money, saving you time and effort since there is no need for you to go to the salon every two weeks just to get your nails done. With Polish to Gel keeping up with the trend has never been this easy!