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Gel Nail Polish Fever Continues in 2019

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Polish to Gel 

Beauty trends give a vivid image of what the year has been. It gives highlights of what was in and what was not. 2015 was a blast! We just can't get over the long  bohemian waves, red lipstick shades which ruled the runway, makeup contouring: from highlight and contouring to clown contouring, nail arts and gel nail polishes. The year has definitely ended but these trends still reign. Everything is still  dominating the start of the Year of the Monkey 2016.


Gel nail polish had a blast last year that brought up a lot of different other trends out of it, just like the domination of nail arts. Well, if you think nail arts and gel nail polish is over? Think twice or maybe even thrice! Gel nail polish is not likely to get down the thrown too soon. Until today, women are still head over heels on gel nail polish not only because of the beauty it brings but most of all, the benefits you get from it.


So what's the big deal with gel nail polish? Gel nail polish Provides a long lasting  nail polish. It will last for up to two weeks without chipping and keeps your nails  vibrant and shiny as if you just had them done from a salon minutes ago. Nail arts comes along with gel nail polish fever. People use gel nail polish for their nail arts to make them last long and so as to keep the art.


Due to high demand on gel nail polish, Hydracol has come up with The Polish To Gel Solution to address the growing need of women in keeping their nails  embellished. Polish to Gel is a solution that turns your ordinary polish to a  gorgeous gel nail polish in just minutes. Hydracol anticipates women's problem  in keeping their nails maintained and that is the cost that tails on it. The cost in  money and the cost in time. Eureka! Now you don't need to spend too much of  your money and time for your nails. Just get all your old colors from your  cupboard, add Polish to Gel solution and Voila! you are all set for a salon-like gel nail polish experience at your very own home. You don't need to drive to  the salon anymore and spend hours just to have your nails done. Polish to Gel is  truly a must have!


"Hydracol is leading the revolution in gel technology and has taken it to the next  level. This formula has not only been designed to hydrate and condition your  nails but is has also been designed so any colour you choose can be a gel color." ~ Hydracol USA


If you wish to save more of your time and money while you keep up with the  trends on nail polish this new year, Polish to Gel of Hydracol is available for a  grab in Amazon.