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Get Hydrated with Hydracol

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We feel beautiful, confident and happy when we know our skin is healthy. As we age our skin changes in so many different ways, one of these big changes is skin dryness. So what do we do when our skin is showing signs of dryness?

The dreaded ageing process is something we don’t look forward to with each year. As our skin ages, we release less oil onto the skin which in turn can make us feel dry and dehydrated.

What causes dry skin and what can we do about it?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body so it deserves the best loving care we can give it. Your skin protects your body from the pollution around you. It shields you from the elements, helps control body temperature and is responsible for your sense of touch.

When your skin is dry, these cells lose moisture and shape, so their ability to protect underlying skin is compromised, with water escaping through the surface. The result? Visibly dry, scaly or flaking skin that feels rough to the touch. On the face, this is most common along its periphery, like your cheeks, jawline, and chin.

Consider adapting your daily “cleanse, tone, moisturize” skin care routine to include a few dry skin additions that will give your skin the added moisture it needs.

No longer as intimidating as they once were, serums have now become the weapon of choice of skin care junkies everywhere. But how do you choose the best serum? Our Hydra C Serum that is made with natural ingredient is formulated to address for every skin concern and are particularly known for its ability to deliver intense hydration.

It may seem too common, but drinking water throughout the day naturally keeps your body— and by extension— your skin cells, hydrated.

While it may not immediately come to mind, dry skin can sometimes be a sign of a larger skin issue. It is also important that monitoring your skin frequently and contacting a dermatologist or doctor when you notice anything suspicious is essential for maintaining skin health.

Maintaining happy, healthy skin is definitely a long term process. Nothing will give you immediate results. But if you take the time to develop a skincare routine you will see the improvements.



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