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Are you a self-proclaimed makeup lover?

Do you find it hard to apply?


There’s no shame in that. We’ve all gone through not knowing what brush to use, where to apply eyeshadow, let alone how to blend properly. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! 

This blog will help any beginner learn how to apply eye makeup correctly, no more slogging away for an hour in front of the mirror every morning.


When doing your eye make-up, always start with an eye primer. Eye primer helps create a smooth surface for the eye makeup. Once the primer has dried, you can apply an eyeshadow base that helps the make the eyeshadow application much smoother.  If you don’t have an eyeshadow base, a concealer or lighter foundation will do.

The winged eyeliner is one of the trickiest techniques to master. This is because eye shapes are extremely different, and what works for someone with may not work for others, especially those with hooded eyelids. When applying eyeshadow, use a lighter shade with the eyeshadow brush and lightly apply over your eyelid, just make sure not to go above your crease. To contour your eyes, use the sponge applicator and apply a darker shade to contour your upper lash line in the shape of a half-moon. Start with the inside corner of your eye, and fade out the eyeshadow color as you move to the outer corner of your eye.

Now, it’s time to have your wings fleek! Boy, we do have a wing eyeliner hack for you!

Hydracol’s amazing stamp eyeliner called Zoosh Winged Eyeliner is really helpful for beginners. A double-ended eyeliner that comes with a cat flick allowing you to easily get perfect wings in seconds.’ This eyeliner stamp that is foolproof and even for the beginner, each pen has with individual stamps for both the left & right eyes and will literally take minutes. As a beginner, that's basically all that you need to know to do your eye make-up.

Don't forget that practice makes perfect.