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Nail Polish Hacks

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Nothing makes you feel more fab than a fabulous mani and pedi. The outfit can be great, the hair can be perfect but it is your nails that make you feel fabulous.


Going to the salon every other week can get very expensive and take u too much of your precious time.


Did you know that there are useful, free, and creative ways to get the perfect manicure at home and without breaking the bank?


Here are some of our great nail polish hacks ;-)

Dried out polish?

Did you know that you can use nail polish remover or Acetone to refresh your old nail polish?

Simply add a small amount and shake it up. Your nail polish should go on smoothly for a few more uses.  

Are you a messy painter?

Hydracol offers Hydra Peel, this is a liquid latex barrier that helps you eliminate the mess.

Hydra peel is a simple solution to painting messy nails. You even receive a FREE nail file and orange stick in every box.

Make your own polish colors?

Do you have old eyeshadows? Recycle old eyeshadows by crushing them into loose powders and mixing them with a clear polish to create a unique nail color.

Remove yellow nails stains?

Mix a little baking soda with water and soak your hands for 10 minutes and watch nail polish stains fade away before your eyes.

You can also use a tooth whitener to help get rid of those stubborn nail stains.

Love bright neon colors?

Did you know if you want a more vibrant color you can use a white base coat! This really helps the colors pop out.

Want your nails to dry quickly?

Dip your manicured nails into a bowl of ice water for approximately 3 seconds to expedite the drying process.

Do you have old nail polish at home?

Do you have old bottles of nail polish that look as though they’re destined for the garbage bin? Before throwing them try Polish to Gel by Hydracol. Polish to gel can literally turn ANY Regular Polish into a Gel Polish. This means you are able to make any color you want a gel. This formula has not only been designed to hydrate and condition your nails but it has also been designed so any color you choose can be a gel color.

So there you have it. ;)



Happy Polishing!

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