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Treasured Habits to Better Nails

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Our nails may not be the most prominent feature of our body, but they sure are an extension of ourselves. How you treat, manage, and present your nails will say a lot about you. And will speak volumes on how you value your own body and even yourself as a whole.


You might say, “Well, they’re just nails”. But you’ll actually be surprised to know that nails say a lot about your health and overall wellbeing. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, how our nails look like could mirror our health condition.  


So with no pressure intended, y might want to take notes, as here we have our 5 most treasured habits to better and healthier nails.

1. Cuticle Care

We tend to love the look of longer nails especially when we get to have a manicure. But the problem is, women often cut or nip their cuticles to get this desired effect. Unfortunately, messing with those cuticles cause real nail problems.


Cuticles act as your nails' defense against bacteria. It's basically your nails' protective system. So when you trim your cuticles here and there and in every chance you get, you are exposing your nails to infection.


Acute Paronychia is one of the infections you can get from the excessive trimming of your cuticles. This is caused by a bacteria that enters your skin where cuticle injuries are found.


So consider pushing back your cuticles with a wooden pusher instead of cutting them. And when you've scheduled a nail appointment for the day, dab some oil on your cuticles. Oil can help protect your cuticles from harsh chemicals that are often used in manicures. You can use almond, coconut, or olive oil as options.

2. Moisturize

Dehydrated nails can cause the most damage to your nails. Your nails can become weaker and more brittle. Which literally means your nails can easily break.


How do nails become dehydrated? When you wash your hands or when you use hand sanitizers, your skin and nails then dry up. And with regular handwashing, your skin and nail bed are subject to dry off repeatedly.


So to avoid this, make sure you make an effort to moisturize after every wash. (If you possibly can, do so!) Rub your lotion or oil on your nails thoroughly, and pay special attention to your cuticles. Moisturizing can seem to be a daunting (/) additional task, but the moisture your nails get to have goes a long way.


3. Use Nail Hardeners


Our nails need reinforcement too! They’re not a hundred percent self-sustaining. So you should take measures to keep them strong and durable and able to withstand any nail damages that could occur in your lifetime.


You see, our nails are prone to breakages. As good and as pretty as your manicure is and as many hours you spend on that nail art, a weak nail foundation will pretty much ruin those for you.


So do consider nail hardeners. They are your best bet to prevent your nails from becoming weaker. Nail hardeners act as an agent to strengthen our nails with the use of key ingredients such as calcium and nail conditioners.


4. Keep a Healthy Diet

What we eat affects our body—our whole body—and yes, you’re right, even our nails. Nails are made up of different minerals, calcium and keratin included. So replenishing these minerals is an essential way of keeping our nails healthy.

Here are some great food tips from Reader’s Digest for better nails:

- If you struggle with dull nails, eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B, such as beans, spinach, and any dark leafy vegetable. 

- If your nails are brittle or flaky, consider flaxseed oil in your diet or add flaxseed to your meals. Add in some iron-rich and Vitamin-C foods too such as eggs and fruits. 

- For nails that are too soft, you need a dose of keratin in your diet. Keratin is a tough protein found in our hair and nails, which make them strong and durable. For a keratin-rich diet, eat proteins such as turkey and salmon. 


We hope you learned a lot from this collection of our treasured nail care habits. Your nails do deserve your TLC! Do check out our Polish to Gel entry for more tips on how to keep your nails at their best.


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