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What Nail Polish Shade to Wear?

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Choosing the best nail polish shade according to the occasion can be as hard as choosing an outfit.


Hydracol has made your task a lot easier for you, here are some great nail polish color recommendations for different occasions.



RED Fiery Night Out!


“The first impression is the last impression!” And yes, nails are one of the first things that will be noticed on a date. So, ladies, we should ensure that we have well-manicured nails before our date! Paint your nails a day before your date night so that your manicure looks fresh. Wear RED for your hot date, fiery night out or simply if you feel like being a little naughty.


Classically Sophisticated NUDE!

Now that you have overcome your first date, are you ready to meet your future in-laws? When you meet your in-laws, let them know you’re a girl with a little class, wear a classically sophisticated nude polish to give your hands a clean and perfectly manicured look.



How you present yourself also in an interview matters a lot! The same should go with your nails, avoid dark colored nail polish and stick to soft colors like light pink, mauve or nude. Even if you are wearing a dark colored outfit, you should still apply neutral colored nail polish for a sophisticated look. 


WHITE For The Bride!

While it’s your day to shine, you don’t want to overdo it on the nails. Chances are you are wearing a dramatic dress, dramatic hair & dramatic makeup!



Wear a simple WHITE nail polish color to keep your nails understated so they don’t compete with that shiny ring!

Cheeky ORANGE Moments!


When you are out with the girls you want to keep up fun and sassy vibe. The color on your nails can go a long way to keep your energy level up and your night sparkling. Try a funky Orange color and feel the energy!


PURPLE For Sunday Bbq


Like the scent that soothes your senses, seeing a purple shade can also be calming and will have you feeling graceful and collected. Family reunion or any gathering will suit this lovely color as you are able to show your look at its very best. You can also add a little glitter on it for some shimmer.


Hot PINK For The Dancer And Disco Babe

The Hot Pink shade is the best pick for a girly night out, are you ready to take on the dance floor?



It is so fun and exciting changing your nail polish color for different occasions. Yes! We feel you girl. You make the most out of it to stand out. Hopefully, we have given you enough ideas for these events whether you are hosting or attending them.


Make your nail polish color strong enough and long lasting with the help of Hydracol’s Polish to Gel. Your nails will thank you because of its hydrating and conditioning effect.

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