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Why Cleansing is Important?

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Daily cleansing isn't only for those who sweat, wear daily makeup or has oily skin. It should be a ritual for everyone to do every morning and evening.

Cleansing your face is incredibly important, it will help prevent ageing, hydrates stimulates, cleans and will also nourish your skin and your overall skin health.

So what does Hydracol recommend?


Those with dry skin will be better off using a cream-based cleanser that will hydrate, nourish and soften your skin. Those with normal skin or oily based skin may prefer a gel-based cleanser that can easily be used in the shower. If you are using the correct skin care brand they will have a few cleansers that you will be able to choose which is best for you.

It is important to remember if you are oily or have a breakout it doesn't mean you should miss the important step of cleansing. It is actually even more important as you need to remove excess oils as well as make sure the skin has no active bacteria.

If you are a soap lover make sure you are using a soap that only had goodness and natural ingredient. Generally, soaps are alkaline and will strip the skin of its protective barrier, so it is important to use a soap designed for the face that does not strip the skin.

Double cleansing every morning and night is wonderful not everyone has the luxury of time so we suggest to cleanse once thoroughly morning and also in the evening.

If you are someone who uses a long-lasting makeup with a sunscreen make sure you give your skin an extra cleanse in the evening.


The importance of cleansing the skin will also allow you to prep for your daily makeup or nightly skin care regimen.


Happy cleaning 😉

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