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Hack to Make Gel Manicure Last Longer


Did you know that painting the free edge of your nail is also known as "sealing". This is the secret to longer lasting manicures and pedicures.
This simple step avoids chipping and peeling allowing for a longer lasting polish.
Sealing is where you paint the free edges of your nails. This action actually seals the gel onto the free edge of your nail. You most probably have seen your nail artist do this after each coat of polish. By sealing your polish, you avoid lifting and chipping.
Start this process with the Base Coat and continue right through to the Top Coat.
Step 1 - Seal your Base Coat  
Seal each coat of color to prevent chipping and lifting
Step 2 - Seal each color application
Seal your base coat for a strong foundation for the rest of your mani
Step 3 - Seal your Top Coat  
Seal your Top Coat for 14 day wear

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